Booking A Traveling Exhibition

HistoryMiami's traveling exhibitions provide a unique, educational experience. To inquire about booking a traveling exhibition from HistoryMiami, see the "Contact Us" box on the right-hand side of the page.

Immediate Availability

Booking Guidelines

  • HistoryMiami’s traveling exhibitions are available to non-profit, educational institutions.
  • The borrowing institution's facility must meet minimum security and safety requirements. Some needs are more stringent depending on the exhibition, but all exhibitions must be in a climate-controlled space (including temperature, humidity, and lighting) that can be secured during non-operating hours.
  • HistoryMiami must have a facility report on file for the borrowing institution.
  • All crating and packing material must be secured in a climate-controlled space.
  • Borrowing institutions must have properly trained staff to unpack the exhibition materials, install and de-install, then repack the materials as they were packed. Under normal circumstances, HistoryMiami will not provide staff members to install an exhibition.
  • The borrowing institution will be responsible for filling out condition reports and must have a staff member capable of doing so.
  • HistoryMiami must have a signed agreement from the borrowing institution before the exhibition will be shipped. Borrowing institutions should not publicize the exhibition before this agreement is signed.
  • HistoryMiami’s traveling exhibitions come with a modest fee. This fee does not include shipping. Shipping costs may be for transportation to your facility or pro-rated over the course of the exhibition's tour.
  • No additional fee may be charged to see a HistoryMiami traveling exhibition. A museum may charge their normal admission, but may not ticket the traveling show separately.