Museum Artifacts

HistoryMiami’s Object Collection consists of three-dimensional artifacts related to South Florida. The collection contains artifacts ranging from pre-Colombian pieces to contemporary items, such as tools, furniture, boats, aviation materials, clothing, musical instruments and religious objects. The collection includes over 37,000 items, mostly from the twentieth century, and an additional 550 cubic feet of archaeological material. Significant sub-collections are listed below.

Archaeology Collection

HistoryMiami is the official repository for all archaeological materials collected by Miami-Dade County and also houses artifacts collected from archaeological sites in Broward, Collier, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.


Seminole Collection

The Seminole Indian artifacts include patchwork, dolls, beads, silverwork, basketry and wooden dugout canoes.


Technology and Home Furnishings Collection

This collection includes a cross-section of early to mid 20th century objects that reflect typical furnishings and appliances in South Florida homes, as well as tools and equipment used in businesses and trades in Miami.


Aviation Collection

HistoryMiami houses one of the largest collections of Pan American Airways material in the U.S. The collection includes airplane models, uniforms, dinnerware, uniform insignia and airplane radio equipment.

Pan Am Collection


Maritime Collection

This unique collection includes motors and motorboats used for outboard motor racing in the region, dugout canoes, an early 20th century Bahamian sloop and rafts and boats used by Haitian and Cuban immigrants to travel to South Florida.


Community Life

HistoryMiami has been documenting the traditional culture of the region for over 25 years. This collection contains, among other things, large holdings in musical instruments, ritual items and accompanying documentation related to the Afro-Cuban Orisha religion (Santería) and the Haitian religion of Vodou, as practiced in Miami.