Photochroms, 1898-1904

Photochroms and Postcards of Cuba, Florida and the Bahamas Published by the Detroit Photographic Company

Cuba, Florida, and the Bahamas

Come back in time, to an era when photographers perceived a beautiful world. See tropical places—in attitude if not latitude—through colorful views of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Florida, and the Bahamas.

The prints and postcards reflect the interests of the gilded age—picturesque landscapes, charming “natives,” and exotic places. They belong more to the romantic 19th century than the realistic 21st.

At the turn-of-the-20th-century, color photographs were rare. Instead, color prints of drawings made through chromolithography provided beautiful, but hardly photographic, glimpses of exotic places. Then, the Detroit Photo Company and William Henry Jackson combined photography with lithography, and produced color prints based on photographs—photochroms.