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HistoryMiami published the 11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society magazine from 2007 to 2010. Each issue contains illustrated articles on attorneys, judges, crime, trials, and justice in South Florida.

Issues are available for browsing in the HistoryMiami Archives & Research Center and local public libraries.

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(Fall 2007)

The 1904 Dade County Courthouse

by Scott J. Silverman
Explore the history, construction and evolution of Dade County's 1904 court house.

A Brief History of Women Jurors in Miami

by Abby Cynamon, Esq.
The 1975 amendment eliminated restrictions on jury service for women, allowing them to be automatically eligible for jury duty and resulting in equal representation on juries.

Excerpts from The Life of a Trial Lawyer

by J. B. Spence
One man's journey to becoming a lawyer, working with legal giants and living as a trial lawyer in Miami during the 1950s.

The 1904 Dade County Courthouse Confederate Monument

by Scott J. Silverman
The Confederate monument is the only known surviving relic from the 1904 Dade County Courthouse.

Excerpts from On Behalf of Children

by Seymour Gelber
The history of Miami's juvenile justice system and seven remarkable judges who were child activists within this system.


V. 2, issue 1 (Spring 2008)

Miami's Aquatots: How Russell Tongay Demanded Success and Made a Killer

by Glenn W. Sheldon
Revisit the tragic death of a child prodigy and the prosecution of a father who demanded excellence at any cost.

The Rise and Fall of Judge E. C. Collins

by Scott J. Silverman
Judge E. C. Collins' meteoric rise to power and fame in the Criminal Court of Record for Dade County ends in scandal and disgrace.

Legal Legends

The 11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society celebrated the inaugural Legal Legends awards dinner on November 2, 2007, and honored 12 members of South Florida's legal community.

The Lynching of Ruben Stacey

by Robert J. Kuntz, Jr., and Scott J. Silverman


V. 3, issue 1 (Winter/Spring 2009)

A Campaign to Remember: the 1922 Election for Circuit Court Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit

by Brittany A. Panter and Scott J. Silverman
Two former judges compete in an election for the most powerful judicial seat in Dade and Monroe counties.

Excerpt from Black's Law

by Roy Black
Black reveals his defense strategy to safeguard the freedom of Luis Alvarez, a young Hispanic police officer on trial for killing Nevell Johnson, a young black man, in the line of duty.

Restoring History: the Dade County Courtroom Restoration Project

by Scott J. Silverman
Learn about the inspiration, renovation and historical significance of the Dade County Courthouse's newly restored Courtroom 6-1.

Legal Legends

The 11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society celebrated the second annual Legal Legends awards dinner, honoring 12 members of South Florida's legal community.


Fall 2010

The Shadow of Justice

by Judge-elect Milton Hirsch
Hirsch reveals the process he went through to publish his novel, The Shadow of Justice, the first work of fiction ever published by the American Bar Association.

Restoring Hope

by Timothy Ravich
In February 2009, the Dade County Bar Association apologized for its segregated past by placing commemorative, collaborative plaques over the historically separated drinking fountains.

Legal Legends

The 11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society honored seven members of South Florida's legal community at the third annual Legal Legends awards dinner on November 6, 2009.

Profile of Chief Judge Brown

by Hon. Joel H. Brown
Learn about the past, present, and future of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court from Chief Judge Brown.

Crime in Miami

by Jorge Zamanillo
Investigate the facts and fiction behind Miami's unique criminal history.