Miami--so cosmopolitan, so fashionable, so new--and so old. Learn a little about the Miami area, South Florida and the Caribbean in these pages.

History of Miami

Read an essay, by Dr. Paul George, that will give you an overview of the City of Miami's history.


Miami's aviation history began one hundred years ago, in 1911.

Blacks and African Americans

African Americans and Blacks from the Bahamas and the Caribbean have made the Miami area home. Learn some of their history here.

Civil War and Reconstruction

The Civil War began one hundred fifty years ago, in 186s. Find out how it affected South Florida.

Environmental History

Humans have always interacted with South Florida's unique environment, shaping nature while nature shapes human history and culture. For example, Miami-Dade County has parts of two national parks within its boundaries.

Sub-topics include:  Audubon Societies; John James Audubon; Coontie or Comptie; Exotic Plants and Animals; and Explorations and Expeditions.


Spaniards and people of Spanish descent have been a part of South Florida's history for hundreds of of years.


Learn how women have lived in South Florida, and how they have affected the area's history.