Teen Miami Council

Teen Miami TeensThe Teen Miami Council is a group of motivated high school students interested in exploring and promoting Miami’s history, and who are committed to bringing the history of their time to their peers. The Teen Miami Council provides the opportunity for teens to participate in several aspects of the museum field while being introduced to a wide range of museum professions and learning opportunities. The Council meets regularly to explore contemporary issues and create youth-oriented programming and events.  


How long of a commitment can I expect?

Selected council members must pledge a one-year commitment to HistoryMiami throughout the duration of the school year (September to May). They must also attend a 1-week orientation program in the summer.

When does the Teen Miami Council meet?

Council members meet twice a month on Saturdays for a 4-hour period under the supervision of the Education Center. HistoryMiami takes standardized testing and holidays into consideration when scheduling.

How many teens are accepted onto the Council?

HistoryMiami selects 16-20 teens every year to be part of the Teen Miami Council

Who can apply to be on the Teen Miami Council?

High school students entering 9th grade to 12th grade. 

What criteria will HistoryMiami use to select council members?

HistoryMiami seeks applicants who demonstrate strengths in the following: leadership, organizational skills, enthusiasm, creativity and critical thinking. We are looking for representation from multiple schools and grade levels. Above all else, we want strong creative thinkers with a love for history and their community.

As a Teen Council Member you will:

  • Learn about and participate in the behind-the-scenes workings of HistoryMiami.
  • Organize two Teen Fun Days.
  • Help with recruitment of new teen members.
  • Earn community service hours.
  • Work with museum departments to develop identified programmatic areas.
  • Be a valued member of HistoryMiami!

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