Miami Stories

Do you have a Miami Story to tell? Miami Stories is a program that allows current and former Miami-Dade County residents to share their unique Miami-related experiences. The project’s mission is to collect, preserve and disseminate personal accounts of these experiences as a way to illuminate the past and enlighten the future.

Submitted stories are archived at HistoryMiami, and may be published online and in the “Neighbors” section of Sunday’s Miami Herald. Select stories may also be published in el Nuevo Herald or broadcast on radio at WLRN-Miami Herald News.

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William Bennett, M.D.

In early 1941, Europe and Asia were at war and the threat of United States involvement was growing exponentially. Not to be deterred, the Bennett family (Mom, Dad and 5-year-old Billy) stuffed its belongings into a cream-colored 1937 Packard convertible and set sail for the land of coconut palms and… Read More

William Walton

Growing up in South Dade in the early years was a great time. I was born in 1923 at home in Redland. My father came to Florida from West Virginia in about 1917. My mother came from Massachusetts. My father tried tomato farming for about a year, and failed. He… Read More

Young Miami poets

April is National Poetry Month. In South Florida, that means the month-long annual O, Miami Poetry Festival. As part of the festival, students from all over took part in programs that encouraged them to write and share their own poetry. This week’s Miami Stories will feature poems from some of… Read More

Zilia Laje

Vivid memories of Miami in early 60s I arrived in Miami with my mother on Friday, July 7, 1961 a little before 7 p.m. I consider myself Miamian, Dade-ian, South Floridian, Southeastern, all of those demonyms. Bus fare was 20 cents. Newspapers were on wire racks at sidewalk curbs on… Read More

Thomas J. Lee Smith, Jr.

In 1937, when I was nine months old, my parents, Thomas J. Lee Smith and Lila Smith moved from Tampa to Homestead, Florida so my Dad could pursue a sales position with Kilgore Seed Company. My dad was orphaned at a young age, so settling into an old wood-framed… Read More