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The Miami Stories initiative collects stories about Miami’s past, present, and future. Through this oral history project, HistoryMiami Museum documents life in the Magic City through both written submissions and audio recordings, which are preserved in the museum’s archive, and shared online and through local media outlets.


Your Story Matters


How did you or your family get to Miami?

When do you feel like a Miamian?

What would you miss if you left Miami?

What makes Miami, Miami?

What do you see for Miami’s future?

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The Miami Stories Recording Booth allows the museum to capture audio stories at local events.


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Rosanne, Roy and Regina Perini

Our mother and father fell in love with Miami while on their honeymoon on September 13th, 1948. Their first night at the Ritz Plaza Hotel was spent in the lobby due to a hurricane coming on shore that night. Hurricanes were not named back then. Despite this “stormy start,” they… Read More

Uva de Aragón

After I left Cuba in 1959 as a teenager, I spent almost two decades living in Washington, D.C., New York and Maryland. For about 15 years, my family and I would always come to Miami on vacation. It was the closest we could get to our native land. We enjoyed… Read More

Bobby Ingram

My full name is Robert Joseph Ingram. I was born in Long Island City, New York, in 1938. I came to Miami literally by accident. I was hit by an automobile in New York and came down to recover in that winter of 1952 when I was 14 years old… Read More

Emma Chaves

In 1955, my new husband and I, as an exciting afterthought, sprinted on an Eastern Air Lines plane from Puerto Rico to Miami to cap off our memorable six-week honeymoon on the “Island of Enchantment.” It was fun to think that an added week to our honeymoon would parallel Elizabeth… Read More

Karin Stahl

Once upon a time, downtown Miami was THE place to go for Christmas! I especially remember one Christmas, 1960. My parents, Mildred and Edmund Stahl, brother Matthew, age 12, sister Vickie, age 10 and myself, age 7, witnessed the streets transformed into a glorious fairyland! We all dressed in our… Read More