Miami Stories

Do you have a Miami Story to tell? Miami Stories is a program that allows current and former Miami-Dade County residents to share their unique Miami-related experiences. The project’s mission is to collect, preserve and disseminate personal accounts of these experiences as a way to illuminate the past and enlighten the future.

Submitted stories are archived at HistoryMiami, and may be published online and in the “Neighbors” section of Sunday’s Miami Herald. Select stories may also be published in el Nuevo Herald or broadcast on radio at WLRN-Miami Herald News.

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Robert Conner

Robert Conner died on March 3, 2012 before he was able to finish compiling his Miami Story. His wife Linda Conner submitted the article for publication on the one-year anniversary of her husband’s death: I was born at Jackson Memorial Hospital, but my life really began when I was… Read More

Sid Morris

The U.S. Coast Guard does more than search for rafts, drugs, and errant boaters in this area. “Coasties” saved 70 merchant mariners during a blizzard off Massachusetts in 1952. It was called the “two-tanker disaster,” and this Miamian was aboard one of the Coast Guard vessels involved in the rescue… Read More

Robert Libman

During the early 1940s, my dad was making uniforms for the Armed Forces, but by 1944 it was time to move on. Dad had experience working in his father’s hotel in Hartford (The Hotel Bond) and his brother already owned a hotel in South Beach. When they learned The Betsy… Read More

Sidney W. Eline, Jr.

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky in January 1944, what you would call a war baby. My mother and father were both born in Louisville and attended school in Louisville. They met at the old Anchorage High School and were married in 1941. My father became a pilot… Read More

Robert Silver

In February 1943, as an 18-year-old Army Air Corps recruit from Indianapolis, I found myself walking guard duty at night on the sands of Miami Beach armed only with a broom stick. I had been sent to Miami Beach for basic training, where instead of barracks, we lived in hotels… Read More