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The Miami Stories initiative collects stories about Miami’s past, present, and future. Through this oral history project, HistoryMiami Museum documents life in the Magic City through both written submissions and audio recordings, which are preserved in the museum’s archive, and shared online and through local media outlets.



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How did you or your family get to Miami?

When do you feel like a Miamian?

What would you miss if you left Miami?

What makes Miami, Miami?

What do you see for Miami’s future?

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The Miami Stories Recording Booth allows the museum to capture audio stories at local events.


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Nelly Avila

I am Nelly Josefina Avila de Barriga and I was born on November 20, 1958, in Maracaibo. We are very regionalist, and refer to our city, Maracaibo, as the first city of Venezuela. My first visit to Miami was as a tourist, and it seemed very pretty to me here. Read More

Gordon E. Hoover

My father came down to Miami from Chicago in 1952 and my mom in 1953. He worked as a lifeguard and she worked at old Jackson hospital. They met at the 14th Street beach. They courted, then married in 1954 and I was born that same year. My nickname as… Read More

Lilian Zayas Llanos

I was born in the Oriente Province of Cuba in 1953. I came to the United States when I was 12 years old and my family settled in Hialeah. My parents bought the house that they still live in today, and we started our business in Hialeah in 1968… Read More

Serge Toussaint

I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on August 15, 1963. I grew up there, but came to the United States at the age of 12. I lived in New York City until I came to Miami in 1994 on vacation with my dad and sister. I ended up staying. Read More

Lauriane Werlau

My grandparents, Cecil and Gertrude Bremner, along with their three daughters, Cecilia (Scanlon), 10; Frances (May), 5; and Lauraine (Durrance), 3, left Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1949 to start a new life in Miami. My grandparents both worked at Fraser Refinishers furniture store on Northwest 27th Avenue. My mother, Cecilia, graduated… Read More