Miami Stories

Do you have a Miami Story to tell? Miami Stories is a program that allows current and former Miami-Dade County residents to share their unique Miami-related experiences. The project’s mission is to collect, preserve and disseminate personal accounts of these experiences as a way to illuminate the past and enlighten the future.

Submitted stories are archived at HistoryMiami, and may be published online and in the “Neighbors” section of Sunday’s Miami Herald. Select stories may also be published in el Nuevo Herald or broadcast on radio at WLRN-Miami Herald News.

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Bonnie Peters

It was February 1964 and Chicago was really cold – a blustery, painful type of cold. I vividly remember standing on the corner of East Superior Street and Lake Shore Drive, waiting for a bus to take me to the warmth of my new apartment located on Surf Street. It… Read More

Carmen Marroquin

On the plane ride from Panama to the United States, there was a short layover in Nicaragua. However, we were not allowed to deplane. I looked out the window and asked my mother, “Why are there men with guns outside?” That was my first memory of Nicaragua, where I was… Read More

Carmen Talarico

My great-grandfather, Joseph Rapisardo, Sr., was a farmer in Chester, New York, with my grandfather, Leo Nicotra. As the cold and nasty winters arrived every year making crop growing a challenge, they decided to move to sunny Florida in 1950. After arriving in Florida my great grandfather and grandfather… Read More

Ana M. Capetillo

I was born in Havana, Cuba on July 4th 1956, and came to Miami in January of 1962. For years I thought I came to Miami as part of the Freedom Flights, until I later discovered that those flights did not start until 1965. As young as I was, I… Read More

Andrew Haraldson

Miami and Dade County in the late 1970s and early 1980s had a different atmosphere and environment than they have today. Truth be told, I was a vastly different person then, too. In those days I was a full-time undergraduate student (living off-campus) at Barry College (which became a… Read More