Miami Stories

Do you have a Miami Story to tell? Miami Stories is a program that allows current and former Miami-Dade County residents to share their unique Miami-related experiences. The project’s mission is to collect, preserve and disseminate personal accounts of these experiences as a way to illuminate the past and enlighten the future.

Submitted stories are archived at HistoryMiami, and may be published online and in the “Neighbors” section of Sunday’s Miami Herald. Select stories may also be published in el Nuevo Herald or broadcast on radio at WLRN-Miami Herald News.

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Alina M. Diaz

Stories of families separated and reunited, of language difficulties, of nostalgia for the old country, of countless vicissitudes, but also of triumph, success, happiness: all immigrants share very similar stories, and mine is no different. My mom, dad, sister, and I lived in Marianao, Havana, in a huge home… Read More

Allen Lockshin

In the winter of 1937, when I was 5 years old, my grandparents took an apartment in Miami Beach for the winter. The apartment was on the corner of Española Way and Meridian Avenue. Our family was from Youngstown, Ohio, and we would drive down for a visit and spend… Read More

Amanda Bush

I moved to Miami Beach in 2009 from Naples, Florida, with my boyfriend, in search of better career opportunities. I grew up in Massachusetts, however, and lived in Massachusetts until 2005. When I first moved to Miami Beach, I was not a happy camper. It took me a while… Read More

Amanda Keeley

My family moved to Kendall in the fall of 1975. Both from Ohio, my parents settled here with a pioneer spirit, building a home together in an old pine tree forest at a time when the area felt like it was at the edge of civilization. A reserve filled with… Read More

Alexa Rossy

From Pogroms to Palm Trees: Rose Weiss, “The Mother of Miami Beach” How does it feel to be the granddaughter of a Pioneer Family In a word—unique! It would be a colossal understatement to say being born in Miami and growing up in Miami Beach has been spectacular,… Read More