Miami Stories

The Miami Stories initiative collects stories about Miami’s past, present, and future. Through this oral history project, HistoryMiami Museum documents life in the Magic City through written stories, video submissions, and audio recordings, which are preserved in the museum’s archive, and shared online and through local media outlets.

Your Story Matters

HistoryMiami Museum accepts written stories and video submissions on a rolling basis. We welcome written stories between 500-1,000 words and video stories under 5 minutes about life in Miami. We encourage storytellers to submit a photo with their written story. To submit a written story, complete the Miami Stories Submission Form. To submit a video story, click on the video story link.


How did you or your family get to Miami?

When do you feel like a Miamian?

What would you miss if you left Miami?

What makes Miami, Miami?

What do you see for Miami’s future?

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Miami Stories Recording Booth



The Miami Stories Recording Booth allows the museum to capture audio stories at local events.


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10 Days of Connection Online Exhibit

As part of the 2020 10 Days of Connection, HistoryMiami Museum invited South Florida residents to share a story about an item that reflects an aspect of their cultural identity and build a community exhibit. We continue to collect these stories and invite you to share yours. Either by yourself or accompanied by your loved ones, submit a video explaining how this object represents your cultural identity. Feel free to submit your story in the language of your choice.



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Norman Duncan

My father was a fisherman, as were his fathers, and since I followed in their footsteps, I am a fisherman, too. He fished the streams of Scotland as a boy and, when he came over to Orlando, he fished the freshwater lakes and Indian River, catching bass, trout and flounder. Read More

Michael Pearlman

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1947. My parents were also born in Brooklyn, and their parents emigrated from Russia to the United States between 1910 and 1912, arrived at Ellis Island, and settled in New York. I have great memories of growing up in Brooklyn and… Read More

Oscar Fuentes

It was the summer of 2003; I was living in a very old and ugly apartment building between Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 2nd Avenue, off of 33rd Street. I had a bitter, mentally unstable landlord that walked around with a concealed weapon. I had a part-time gig at the… Read More

Michael Suman

I played for the Miami Heat for their first three seasons. Yet not one Heat fan knows my name, although they may recognize my face. It was spring of 1988, and I was the music director on Norwegian Cruise Line’s MS Southward. I have been a newspaper junkie since… Read More

Mike Fernandez

On Christmas Eve in 1964, in the midst of revolutionary activity in Cuba, my family and I were expelled from our rural Cuban town without any warning or money.? Suddenly, we all were on a new trajectory of unforeseen challenges, opportunities and lessons. ? I arrived in South Florida in… Read More