Miami Stories

Do you have a Miami Story to tell? Miami Stories is a program that allows current and former Miami-Dade County residents to share their unique Miami-related experiences. The project’s mission is to collect, preserve and disseminate personal accounts of these experiences as a way to illuminate the past and enlighten the future.

Submitted stories are archived at HistoryMiami, and may be published online and in the “Neighbors” section of Sunday’s Miami Herald. Select stories may also be published in el Nuevo Herald or broadcast on radio at WLRN-Miami Herald News.

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Sylvia Pedraza

My name is Sylvia Pedraza and I was born in Raymondville, Texas. My mother was born and raised in Mercedes, Texas; my whole family has lived in Texas for generations. When I was about 6, my mother decided to follow the fruit and vegetable crop, and we worked in the… Read More

Stuart Newman

In 1925, my parents and I disembarked in Miami after a three-day train trip from Chicago, and went to stay at a cottage surrounded by a grapefruit grove that belonged to my mother’s aunt. I was three years old, and it marked the beginning of my nearly nine-decade-long adventure in… Read More

T. Willard Fair

I was born in 1939 in Winston-Salem, N.C. I’m the last of eight children. I was born to John Fair and Mary Lou Fair. People ask me about the name “Talmadge,” which is an unusual name for me to have. The day I was born, I came home and the… Read More

Sue Browning

I was raised in the Christian Science faith and went to church from the time I was 4 years old in 1939, but I always considered myself culturally Jewish. I had to go to school during the Jewish holidays as a kid in Brooklyn, and when classmates and teachers expressed… Read More

Tom Wood

I am the youngest of the Wood brothers — Hayes, David, Hugh “Hooty” and Tom — all born between 1926 and 1931. We were very close and shared many things together in Old Miami. We all were born at Victoria Hospital on Northwest 10th Avenue, which still exists as a… Read More