Audio Tour

Tropical Dreams: A People’s History of South Florida

Join Maria, a Miami native, on a journey through time in the museum’s permanent exhibition Tropical Dreams: A People’s History of South Florida. The free, 25-minute audio tour explores 10,000 years of history through the voices of South Florida-based characters such as a Native American canoe builder, a pioneer mother, a railroad worker, and more.

Experience the audio tour using any of the following methods:

  • Download the .MP3 files below to your own MP3 player and follow the tour once you get here.
  • Use your cell phone to call the telephone number posted on the audio tour signs throughout the exhibition. There is no cost to you except for your minutes.
  • Request one of the MP3 players located at the Visitor Services desk. The audio tour comes preloaded.


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Sound effects from PacDV, Shockwave-Sound, Sound Dogs, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Music composed by Wojciech Panufnik.


Stop 1 Download (MP3)

First Arrivals

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Stop 3 Download (MP3)
Stop 4 Download (MP3)

International Rivalry

Stop 5 Download (MP3)
Stop 6 Download (MP3)

Southward Expansion

Stop 7 Download (MP3)
Stop 8 Download (MP3)
Stop 9 Download (MP3)

New People - New Technology

Stop 10 Download (MP3)
Stop 11 Download (MP3)
Stop 12 Download (MP3)
Stop 13 Download (MP3)
Stop 14 Download (MP3)

Gateway of the Americas

Stop 15 Download (MP3)
Stop 16 Download (MP3)