Miami Stories

  • Iris Marks

    This is an interesting story about a creative, talented man (my dearest husband of 50 years), Herbert Marks. He had an office on Lincoln Road for 60 years. His talent for show business started as a boy when his family had a theater in Boston where they had movies and let talent try out. When Morris... Read More
  • Ruth Nowalk Schooley

    Homestead, FL

    I was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania and moved to Ft. Pierce, Florida, in June of 1940. Shortly after we moved to Ft. Pierce the Japanese attacked Hawaii... Read More
  • Saghar Leslie Naghib

    Miami, FL

    Nostalgia. It is what happens to me when I start thinking about where Miami begins and where I end. This remarkable city, a nexus of comings and goings... Read More
  • Alejandro Gonzalez-Mir

    South Miami, FL

    One sunny, mid-week afternoon, I arrived at home to family cars parked in the front yard. I did not have to dig for the house key in my bookbag. My father... Read More
  • Veronica Diaz

    Miami, FL

    Let’s set the scene: It’s early 2004, and my mother is taking my younger sister and me to go watch Cats: The Musical at what was then known as Jackie... Read More
  • Aristotle Ares

    Miami Beach

    I was born in a wood frame building on Miami Beach in 1924. My parents were Greeks, born in Turkey. My father’s parents raised silkworms that were... Read More
  • Pioneer Winter

    Miami, FL

    On Sundays when I was little, my dad and I would take the tandem bike and ride from our home in North Miami to the beach. Most of the time, my legs were... Read More
  • Carol Ann (Buell) Clifford

    Miami, Florida

    I got here by way of birth, born in Victoria Hospital, which was built in 1924. My mother, Louise Guckert, came from Louisville, Kentucky, and she married... Read More
  • Martin H Shane

    Miller Heights (SW 92nd Ave and Miller Road)

    My sojourn to South Florida started before I moved here in 1957. My sister and brother-in-law were here from New York on a winter vacation on December... Read More
  • Sid Kaskey

    City of South Miami

    It is unfortunate that nostalgia comes later in life. Having it when memories are fresh might make one more appreciative of what is being lived. I speak... Read More

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