Miami Stories

  • Sylvia Inocent

    North Miami

    Seventeen. That is when I graduated from high school. I had many choices of where I wanted to go to school, but the university I dreamed of going to rejected me. I ended up choosing a school I had never visited and taking a blind leap. A couple of weeks after I turned 18, I moved down to Miami to... Read More
  • Aleyda Martinez Novotny

    “Tey, mire esos hombres con esos sombreros tan chistosos. ... Tey, yo quiero ir ahi.” “Tey,” I said to my grandmother. “Look at those men... Read More
  • Vivianne Gonzalez

    Like every other night, I sit by my window to finish my homework, but tonight the light of the full moon distracted me. It was a beautiful night, but I... Read More
  • Iris Marks

    This is an interesting story about a creative, talented man (my dearest husband of 50 years), Herbert Marks. He had an office on Lincoln Road for 60 years... Read More
  • Ruth Nowalk Schooley

    Homestead, FL

    I was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania and moved to Ft. Pierce, Florida, in June of 1940. Shortly after we moved to Ft. Pierce the Japanese attacked Hawaii... Read More
  • Saghar Leslie Naghib

    Miami, FL

    Nostalgia. It is what happens to me when I start thinking about where Miami begins and where I end. This remarkable city, a nexus of comings and goings... Read More
  • Alejandro Gonzalez-Mir

    South Miami, FL

    One sunny, mid-week afternoon, I arrived at home to family cars parked in the front yard. I did not have to dig for the house key in my bookbag. My father... Read More
  • Veronica Diaz

    Miami, FL

    Let’s set the scene: It’s early 2004, and my mother is taking my younger sister and me to go watch Cats: The Musical at what was then known as Jackie... Read More
  • Aristotle Ares

    Miami Beach

    I was born in a wood frame building on Miami Beach in 1924. My parents were Greeks, born in Turkey. My father’s parents raised silkworms that were... Read More
  • Pioneer Winter

    Miami, FL

    On Sundays when I was little, my dad and I would take the tandem bike and ride from our home in North Miami to the beach. Most of the time, my legs were... Read More

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