Miami Stories

  • Amanda Keeley

    My family moved to Kendall in the fall of 1975. Both from Ohio, my parents settled here with a pioneer spirit, building a home together in an old pine tree forest at a time when the area felt like it was at the edge of civilization. A reserve filled with Dade-County pine trees now surrounded them—... Read More
  • James Herzog

    Tallahassee, FL

    In various cultures, grandparents have been seen as a rich treasure. A grandparent’s life is one to be mined for the depths of riches shared in the form... Read More
  • Celine Clark

    Coral Gables

    We hauled my parent’s aluminum canoe off the roof-rack of his 2002 Mitsubishi Montero and onto the grass near the edge of the Biltmore canal. I grabbed... Read More
  • Jeannie Piazza-Zuniga

    Miami, Florida

    In the 1920s, the film industry was beginning to invest in “sound” for movies. Impressive theaters were built and audiences came rushing to escape... Read More
  • Doree Fromberg

    Miami, Florida

    Every mother who wanted to buy her daughter a stunning dress will remember the name “Dorissa of Miami.” This is the story of our mother, Doree Fromberg... Read More
  • Suzy Cohen Liptak Blocker

    Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

    In November 1967, after my girlfriend and I became registered nurses, we moved from Wisconsin to Miami Beach. This was a goal we had dreamed of since high... Read More
  • James L. (Sonny) Boyer

    Blairsville Ga

    My mother Myrtis Virgina Bell came to Miami in 1913, her birth year, from Polk County. Charles and Virginia Bell, my grandparents, worked in a phosphate... Read More
  • Elite Kedan

    Miami, FL

    It feels like a high speed chase west on the ironically named Dolphin Expressway, veering south on what follows as a seamless string of highway on the... Read More
  • Arva Moore Parks

    Coral Gables, FL

    I always felt special because I was born in Miami. My parents, like so many others, came from someplace else. My father Jack Moore grew up in Waycross... Read More
  • Fabienne Josaphat

    I’ve been trying to leave Miami for a long time now. Miami was my home after I left Haiti. Creole was in every corner, familiar faces spilled out... Read More

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