Miami Stories

  • Sue Browning

    Miami, FL

    I was raised in the Christian Science faith and went to church from the time I was 4 years old in 1939, but I always considered myself culturally Jewish. I had to go to school during the Jewish holidays as a kid in Brooklyn, and when classmates and teachers expressed surprise that I was at school, I... Read More
  • Stuart Newman

    Miami, FL

    n 1925, my parents and I disembarked in Miami after a three-day train trip from Chicago, and went to stay at a cottage surrounded by a grapefruit grove... Read More
  • Elizabeth LaCalle Knowles

    Coral Gables

    It was the depths of the Depression, 1937, when my parents Manny and Grace LaCalle pulled into Miami with their two girls in the back seat of the car. After... Read More
  • Michael B. Goldstein

    Miami Beach, Florida

    Because of my older sister Gilda’s illness, my parents, Hedwig and Benjamin Goldstein, were advised in 1942 to move from the Bronx to Miami Beach, where... Read More
  • Maria Elena Baradat de Valle


    I remember looking out the window as the plane took off from Havana. It was Aug. 9, 1960. I was 15 years old and leaving my country with my mother and... Read More
  • Richard Levine

    Miami, FL

    My father met and married my mother in 1929 and I arrived in 1930. Her mother came to Miami from Cleveland, OH, in 1923 to begin a new life. She opened... Read More
  • Ferdinand Phillips

    Miami, FL

    I started my life insurance career in Norfolk, Va., then transferred to South Florida in early January 1964 to manage my company’s Miami district office... Read More
  • Angela Renee' Conti

    south miami florida

    Spanglish. I do not know when I first heard that word, but it pretty much summarizes how I feel about growing up in Miami during the 1970s and ‘80s... Read More
  • Kathy Abay

    South Miami Heights — it brings a smile to my face. I wish the kids of today could have had the childhood we had — it was so simple. Dad was the... Read More
  • Mark Avila

    I was born in the city of San Pedro, California. Our family is very large and of Mexican descent. I was the youngest of four children. We grew up in a... Read More

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