Miami Stories

  • Joe Gautier

    Miami, FL

    My grandfather and other family members were Miami pioneers, having arrived in 1895 from Crescent City, Florida. My grandfather, T. N. Gautier, was one of 500 signatures needed for Miami to incorporate as a city. He was also the first school superintendent for Miami. His grocery store, Miami Groceries... Read More
  • Carol Van Doren

    Miami, FL

    The Chandler clan arrived in Miami early in the 1920s so that my father’s father, Thomas Chandler, could make a living working construction in those... Read More
  • Stan Adelman

    Miami, FL

    My family moved to Miami from Philadelphia in August 1959 as I was nearing my 6th birthday. My father, Nate Adelman, owned a successful furniture store... Read More
  • George Detrio

    East Redland's

    When I was just 6 months old my parents moved to Miami and rented a house across from a beach on Collins Avenue. They could actually open the front door... Read More
  • Elaine Rampersaud

    Kendall, Miami

    In 1986, Miami International Airport was pretty scary for a first-time traveler coming from Guyana, a small country in South America. The escalator comes... Read More
  • Karin Emily Stahl

    North Miami, FL

    A child of the Florida sun, I lived in soft T-shirts and sandals. But here I was, walking with my mother to Van E. Blanton Elementary School, attired in... Read More
  • Edith Reisner


    My father, Jacob Siegel, came to Florida from Livingston Manor in the Catskill Mountains in New York State. That was in 1925 during the boom in Miami... Read More
  • Sherry Boberman

    Miami, Florida

    My memories of Miami begin 34 years ago in 1980 when I came here for the first time for a nursing internship at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. I had completed... Read More
  • Joyce Ojala

    Miami Shores

    I grew up in Miami Shores beginning in the mid-1940s, a beautiful place to live where you can still view Biscayne Bay today, as you could then. I went... Read More
  • William Bennett, M.D.

    Minneola, FL

    In early 1941, Europe and Asia were at war and the threat of United States involvement was growing exponentially. Not to be deterred, the Bennett family... Read More

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