Miami Stories

  • Fabienne Josaphat

    I’ve been trying to leave Miami for a long time now. Miami was my home after I left Haiti. Creole was in every corner, familiar faces spilled out of supermarkets and Quick Marts, and botanicas haunted every jitney bus and crowded every small church between businesses. I felt at home, lakay as we... Read More
  • M. Evelina Galang

    Miami, FL

    I moved to Miami after returning from my Fulbright Scholar Program in 2002. The same muggy air, car horns, heat that I left in the Philippines greeted... Read More
  • Sid Morris

    Miami, FL

    The U.S. Coast Guard does more than search for rafts, drugs, and errant boaters in this area. “Coasties” saved 70 merchant mariners during a blizzard... Read More
  • Carol S Green

    South Miami Heights

    Oh, Miami! What a wonderful and glorious place to live. I have been in Miami since 1949. My parents moved here from Pennsylvania, when I was almost... Read More
  • Miriam Houghton Gautier

    Miami, FL

    World War II was over, but not for my father, U.S. Navy Commander Charlie Houghton. There was one more job for him. He was placed in charge of decommissioning... Read More
  • Nikki Moustaki

    Miami Beach

    I reached to pull the yellow lever that would release our glider’s tether to the noisy silver crop duster that was towing us to 3,000 feet over Homestead... Read More
  • Joe Gautier

    Miami, FL

    My grandfather and other family members were Miami pioneers, having arrived in 1895 from Crescent City, Florida. My grandfather, T. N. Gautier, was... Read More
  • Carol Van Doren

    Miami, FL

    The Chandler clan arrived in Miami early in the 1920s so that my father’s father, Thomas Chandler, could make a living working construction in those... Read More
  • Stan Adelman

    Miami, FL

    My family moved to Miami from Philadelphia in August 1959 as I was nearing my 6th birthday. My father, Nate Adelman, owned a successful furniture store... Read More
  • George Detrio

    East Redland's

    When I was just 6 months old my parents moved to Miami and rented a house across from a beach on Collins Avenue. They could actually open the front door... Read More

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