Miami Stories

  • Maria Carla Chicuen

    Miami, FL

    Every night after dinner, the four of us would gather around the cramped dining table in our apartment on Kendall Drive, quizzing one another, working on our English pronunciation, memorizing medical concepts, multiplication tables, SAT vocabulary — whatever had to be memorized — drying every stubborn... Read More
  • Young Miami poets

    Miami, FL

    April is National Poetry Month. In South Florida, that means the month-long annual O, Miami Poetry Festival. As part of the festival, students from all... Read More
  • Ralph Morales


    One of Jean McNamee’s first memories as a child in Hollywood was of her mother, Elise La Monaca, putting her and her brother in the family’s icebox... Read More
  • Francisco X. Santeiro

    Miami, FL

    “In the Everglades there´s a way of life. There´s a way of peace without stress or strife. There´s a natural danger and a man to face. Lincoln... Read More
  • Tom Wood


    I am the youngest of the Wood brothers — Hayes, David, Hugh “Hooty” and Tom — all born between 1926 and 1931. We were very close and shared many... Read More
  • Judy Hood

    Homestead; Coral Gables

    Suddenly there is fire in the treetops along the turnpike. The sidewalk is carpeted with orange petals and the Poinciana preens itself above the jacaranda’s... Read More
  • Eddie Johnston

    Alia Point, East Hawai'i Island

    The question, “Who will remember?,” comes to mind when I think of the fragments of Miami history that never made it to the popular prose about my hometown... Read More
  • Amanda Keeley

    My family moved to Kendall in the fall of 1975. Both from Ohio, my parents settled here with a pioneer spirit, building a home together in an old pine... Read More
  • James Herzog

    Tallahassee, FL

    In various cultures, grandparents have been seen as a rich treasure. A grandparent’s life is one to be mined for the depths of riches shared in the form... Read More
  • Celine Clark

    Coral Gables

    We hauled my parent’s aluminum canoe off the roof-rack of his 2002 Mitsubishi Montero and onto the grass near the edge of the Biltmore canal. I grabbed... Read More

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