Miami Stories

  • Andrew Haraldson

    Miami, FL

    Miami and Dade County in the late 1970s and early 1980s had a different atmosphere and environment than they have today. Truth be told, I was a vastly different person then, too. In those days I was a full-time undergraduate student (living off-campus) at Barry College (which became a university... Read More
  • Joel Perwin

    Miami Beach

    I was born at Coral Gables Hospital in 1948. My mother was from Brooklyn, my father from Morriston. He was a CPA, in the Giller Building on the Beach,... Read More
  • Lynn Waddell

    I’ve visited Miami often over the past 20 years, sleeping on friends’ couches, perusing thrift stores, gorging on ceviche, watching the ever-changing... Read More
  • Kirsten Hines

    A vast field of lights met my gaze as I flew into Miami for the first time in the late ’90s. To the west was the blackness of the Everglades and to the... Read More
  • Katia D. Ulysse

    Miami will always occupy a special place in my heart. My beloved grandmother spent such a great portion of her life here that the two are now synonymous... Read More
  • Jen Karetnick

    The homeless man knocked on my window while I was stopped at a red light on North Federal Highway, just east of the Miami Design District. He made the... Read More
  • Oscar Fuentes

    It was the summer of 2003; I was living in a very old and ugly apartment building between Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 2nd Avenue, off of 33rd Street... Read More
  • Mark Kuperman

    Although my mother, the former Edith Leibowitz, was born in New York, she graduated from Miami Beach High in 1942. So it was only natural that she and... Read More
  • Leimys Ramirez

    Hands shaking…holding back tears…acting as if it weren’t breaking me apart… I said good-bye with tears falling down my cheeks and walked through... Read More
  • Herbert Abrams

    Aventura, Florida

    I came to Miami Beach as a New York transplant along with my father Irwin, mother Fay and older brother George. Dad was a self-taught gentleman with... Read More

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