Woodrow W. Wilkins Archives of Architectural Records

The Wilkins Archives collects, preserves, catalogs and makes available for research the graphic and written records of the built environment of South Florida. These records include drawings, photographic material, office and project files, models and architectural fragments pertaining to significant individual buildings and to prominent architects and architectural firms.

Wilkins Archives collections may be viewed in the HistoryMiami Research Center. Please make an appointment to view architectural drawings.

Gate Lodge for Mr. Charles Deering at Buena Vista, 1912

MacKenzie, Clinton, Architect.
Gate Lodge for Mr. Charles Deering at Buena Vista, 1912. Never built.
HistoryMiami, 1985-218-1.

Woodrow W. Wilkins

"Woody" Wilkins was a professor of Architecture and Planning at the University of Miami. His primary field of interest was historic architecture, which led him to job assignments with the National Park Service in St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) and with the Historic American Building Survey. The Wilkins Archives was named in recognition of his contributions to the study of historic architecture.

Architectural Collections

Finding Aids & Guides to a number of architectural records include these collections:

Walter DeGarmo Architectural Drawings

Mission Revival and Mediterranean Revival designs for residences and buildings in Miami-Dade County and South Florida, 1906-1950 (bulk 1906-1926).

Kiehnel and Elliott Architectural Drawings

Some of Richard Kiehnel's designs for Miami Beach, Miami, and Coral Gables buildings, 1925-1943 (bulk 1938-1941).

Marion Manley Architectural Papers

Designs for residences and buildings in Miami-Dade County and South Florida, 1935-1971

Igor B. Polevitzky Photographs

Photographic prints of buildings designed by Polevitzky between 1934 and the mid-1960s. Views of Miami Beach and Miami residences, Miami Beach and Havana hotels, and commercial buildings in the Miami area.

Rudi and Annette Rada Photographs

Architectural photographs of exteriors and interiors of houses and buildings in Miami-Dade County and Florida, 1946-1974 (bulk 1952-1956). Also includes some photographs of Seminoles, Havana, and other topics.

Wahl Snyder Architectural Papers

Drawings of houses, apartments, townhouses, schools and buildings in Miami-Dade County, other parts of Florida, and the Caribbean, 1929-1982.