Most of the digital images on this web site are of materials from the collections of HistoryMiami.

Personal Use

Images on HistoryMiami’s web sites may be downloaded for personal use, for example, to a home PC or in a school project, providing credit is given to HistoryMiami.

Photographic print reproductions may be purchased for display in homes. Prints are custom-made after you place and pre-pay your order; allow two to three weeks for delivery. We have placed a selection of favorite images online:  browse, shop and purchase photos here.

Use of Digital Images on the Internet

Digital images from HistoryMiami's web sites may be used on other web sites, blogs, social media, and Internet applications, if:

  • The image is from HistoryMiami's collections. (The image will have a HistoryMiami credit in the caption or the catalog record.)
  • The image is for personal or non-profit use.
  • Credit must be given to HistoryMiami.
  • A link back to the page from which the image was taken must be included with the reproduced image.

Professional or Commercial Use

HistoryMiami charges licensing fees for the professional or commercial use of its images. These fees pay for costs relating to the provision of this service, and help fund the care of the photograph archives and the digital archives. The following uses are subject to licensing fees:

  • Publication in a book or magazine
  • Exhibition in a public space, such as an office or restaurant
  • Use in advertising
  • Reproduction in media, including television, films, videos, and DVDs


  • Contact the HistoryMiami Research Center by email, telephone, fax or letter.
             telephone 305-375-1623               fax 305-375-6313

    HistoryMiami Research Center
    101C West Flagler Street
    Miami, Florida 33130
  • Include precise information that will identify the image(s):  The complete URL of the page where the image appears, and/or the image number.
  • Describe the intended use.
  • When requesting digital images, include the size in ppi or lines (the number of pixels along the longest dimension) and the format (tiff or jpeg).
  • Include your contact information:  name, company or institution, email, telephone, and address.

Staff will respond promptly with an estimate of costs and time to fill the order. Prepayment is required. Orders are usually filled within three to four weeks.

When granted, permission will be for one-time reproduction rights, one language, one edition, and one format only unless otherwise noted. Reproduction rights are granted for the purpose(s) specifically indicated, premised and conditioned upon payment of the fees involved.

The Fine Print

Copyright and other proprietary rights in material on this site may be held by individuals or entities other than or in addition to HistoryMiami. The Museum does not warrant that the use of materials displayed on this site will not infringe on the rights of third parties, such as photographers or photographers' heirs holding the rights to these works. It is your responsibility to determine and satisfy copyright or other use restrictions before copying, transmitting, or making other use of protected items beyond that allowed by "fair use," as such term is understood under the United States Copyright Act.