Miami Stories

Established in 2009, the Miami Stories initiative collects stories about Miami’s past, present, and future. Through this oral history project, HistoryMiami Museum documents life in the Magic City through written stories, video submissions, and audio recordings, which are preserved in the museum’s archive, and shared online and through local media outlets.


Your Story Matters

HistoryMiami Museum accepts written stories and video submissions on a rolling basis. We welcome written stories between 500-1,000 words and video stories under 5 minutes about life in Miami. We encourage storytellers to submit a photo with their written story. To submit a written story, complete the Miami Stories Submission Form. To submit a video story, click on the video story link.

How did you or your family get to Miami?

When do you feel like a Miamian?

What would you miss if you left Miami?

What makes Miami, Miami?

What do you see for Miami’s future?

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Heidi L. Anthony

I started working at Miami International Airport in 1988. My mind was young and impressionable and clueless. I was a public service assistant and I was to provide information to the many lost people who happened upon my information counter located in the heart of the airport. Every day, thousands… Read More

Anita Meyer Meinbach

There are memories we carry in our hearts and shape who we become. My memories of Miami began on April 27, 1957, when my “pioneering” parents, Lucy and Alan Meyer, brother Joel and I walked down the stairs of a prop plane at Miami International Airport into a strange new… Read More

Reverand J. Peter Sheehan

In the winter of 1915, a wealthy widow visited South Florida with her nurse to escape the harsh Canadian weather. That lady was my maternal great-grandmother, Mary Long Byrnes, from Collingwood, Ontario. Mrs. Byrnes was delighted by the tropical climate and decided to stay the season at the old Green… Read More

Mary Lou Pfeiffer

“Tonight we launch — where shall we anchor?” This was the motto chosen by the first graduating class at the new Ida M. Fisher High School in 1927, when the five graduates were honored with their diplomas. My mother, Helen E. Johnson, was the class president and her friend Veronica… Read More

Cecile “Cissy” Holly  Rosen

The story begins with two people, Mary and Ed.  Both born normal healthy babies, Mary in January 1913 and Ed in July 1915. Mary was the fifth child of Cecilia and Sam Silverman.  She had an older brother and three older sisters to love her and help take care of… Read More