Miami Stories

Established in 2009, the Miami Stories initiative collects stories about Miami’s past, present, and future. Through this oral history project, HistoryMiami Museum documents life in the Magic City through written stories, video submissions, and audio recordings, which are preserved in the museum’s archive, and shared online and through local media outlets.

Your Story Matters

HistoryMiami Museum accepts written stories and video submissions on a rolling basis. We welcome written stories between 500-1,000 words and video stories under 5 minutes about life in Miami. We encourage storytellers to submit a photo with their written story. To submit a written story, complete the Miami Stories Submission Form. To submit a video story, click on the video story link.  

How did you or your family get to Miami?

When do you feel like a Miamian?

What would you miss if you left Miami?

What makes Miami, Miami?

What do you see for Miami’s future?

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Barbara Fox

Viewpoints on 2020 By Barbara Fox   INTRODUCTION 2020 was quite a year; life changed almost overnight because of the pandemic. The newspapers and television were reporting horrifying stories and statistics about a deadly disease that spread in the air. Thousands of people were dying and hospitals were filled to… Read More

Janelle Bravo-San Pedro

This story was collected as a part of the 2020 Collecting Initiative Pregnant During the Pandemic By Janelle Bravo-San Pedro We had waited so long for this moment. After struggling with infertility and three failed IUI attempts for 5 years, we decided to go through the in vitro fertilization. Read More

Arielle Brimacombe

This story was collected as a part of the 2020 Collecting Initiative Was it Worth It? By Arielle Brimacombe The following is a post I made on my Facebook account reflecting on working in the Covid-19 units for approximately 5 months straight, from late March to early September at… Read More

Irene Sperber

This story was collected as a part of the 2020 Collecting Initiative Thoughts on Thoughts by Irene Sperber I was doing just fine, I thought. But I see a few cracks in my fine-ness. Normal always had a sliding scale meaning. I don’t know why we bother with it… Read More

Alma Patricia Dietz

This story was collected as a part of the 2020 Collecting Initiative I took this picture outside of Memorial Regional Hospital. On this day, I had taken my mom to this hospital thinking she had the coronavirus. She was experiencing pneumonia but no fever. It was such a scary… Read More